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About Me

With 15 years of teaching experience including 4 years as Acting Assistant Principal, I have always been passionate about quality teaching and I strive to meet the individual needs of all students. My energetic and positive attitude allows me to develop quality relationships with students, staff and community members. As a teacher, I aim to produce highly motivating, challenging and engaging learning experiences for all students. I always cater for diverse learning styles by incorporating a variety of dynamic teaching strategies. I provide a supportive and organised classroom environment, one that stimulates learning and promotes positive behaviour through consistent and high expectations.

Curriculum Vitae

With my knowledge and skills developed in my current Masters in ICT in Education and previous Graduate Certificate in eLearning courses, as well as my extensive experience with iPads, Apple TVs/IWBs and laptops in the classroom, I am dedicated to infusing technology into teaching and learning, by designing tasks that challenge and prepare students for the future. Throughout the year, I ensure student progress is regularly monitored and assessed against the Australian Curriculum whilst consistently providing feedback to students and parents. With my excellent interpersonal skills, I ensure a positive rapport with all students and I strive to enhance teacher, parent and community relationships.

As demonstrated in the Employment History of my curriculum vitae, I aim to engage with students in areas outside of the classroom by taking on co-curricular activities to promote a well-rounded education. With my outgoing and inviting personality, I work well in a team environment. I am highly motivated to achieve my best in all areas of teaching and I thrive to take on new challenges and responsibilities. With my strong knowledge and practical experience, I believe I would be an excellent asset to your school.

Information and Communication Technology

Learning in Digital Technologies focuses on further developing understanding and skills in computational thinking such as identifying similarities in different problems and describing smaller components of complex systems. It also focuses on the sustainability of information systems for current and future uses.

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Kids Coding

Coding Club

The Coding Club involves teaching students the basic programming concepts such as loops and events. Lessons also teach students to collaborate with others meaningfully, investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of difficult tasks, and learn about internet safety. At the end, students create their very own custom game or story they can share.

Playing Basketball

Competition Basketball

Throughout the season of competition basketball, student learn the fundamental motor skills and the basics of fitness conditioning, muscle management and well-being. Children learn to be respectful of others as well as social, team work and cooperation skills are developed. Contact with coaches, ambassadors, older children and parents provides valuable role modelling. The children are exposed to multi-functional environments creating greater self-confidence. Students participate in weekly basketball games in their age group and compete against other school teams in the district.

Drama Club

Drama Club

A Drama Club was held during one lunch time a week and was open to any students in Years 5-6 to join. The group participated in a variety of games and acting activities, focusing on expression, impromptu acting and scripted short plays. They performed their skit called, ‘A Twisted Tale’. The item is a fairy tale story that has been altered to create a comedic representation of a mixture of fairy tales. They were responsible for learning their lines, creating the backdrops and props for the play and developing suitable costumes for their characters. The show was a hit amongst their peers at the School Assembly. What a talented group of actors and actresses we have!

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